Best PayPal Betting Sites in 2019

Online betting doesn’t have to be a troublesome and risky affair. There are steps you can take to direct your adrenaline into betting itself rather than worrying about the safety of your confidential information. Betting with PayPal is one of the first steps you should consider.

Apart from safety, there are many other reasons you should resort to PayPal betting. It’s convenient, swift, versatile, and foolproof. In the digital jungle we’re living in, PayPal is one of the most trusted ways of sending and receiving payments. Even though nothing and no one is fully equipped against fraud, this system has proven to be trustworthy.

Tips for Betting With PayPal

Ease of use that PayPal is famous for is evident right from step one.
To open up an account, you only need an email address and a few minutes. Once your account is in place, connect it to your debit/ credit card or bank account. It will withdraw a small sum ($1 or $2) to verify that there’s a real person behind it and refund it within a couple of days.

Best Betting Sites Accepting PayPal™
Betting Site Sign-Uр Offer Min Deposit Rating
Betway logo Betway Sports Betting €100 €5
888-casino-logo 888 Sports Betting78 €30 €10
Best Betting Sites Not Accepting PayPal™
Betting Site Sign-Uр Offer Min Deposit Rating
bovada-logo Bovada Betting 250$ $20
comeon logo ComeOn €10 €10
Mobilebet logo Mobilebet €30 €10
bethard logo Bethard Casino €50 €10
logo-leovegas LeoVegas 100% up to £100 €10
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Depositing is very straightforward, just like with any other method. Register or log into your sportsbook account. Look for the deposits page and choose PayPal as your primary payment method. Make sure the pop-ups are enabled on the page, as one of them will prompt you to log into PayPal and connect the services. The moment you hit the “Deposit” button, funds from your balance will deduct automatically, and that’s all you need to do. Mind you: if your PayPal balance is zero, the funds will be deducted from your bank account.

Double check if your PayPal betting websites support it both as a deposit and withdrawal method. Some of them will only accept deposits via PayPal (it’s rare, but still happens). Others will only allow you to withdraw an equal or smaller amount than you deposited. There’s even a third category of betting sites that accept PayPal – those that actually discourage you from using it by issuing a small deposit fee (e.g. 1.5%) that otherwise doesn’t exist.

Yays and Nays of PayPal Betting


PayPal is finicky when it comes to betting and gambling sites. That comes in handy since you don’t have to rely on your judgment alone. If an online sportsbook doesn’t include PayPal as a deposit method, you should see it as a red alarm. Likewise, betting sites that use PayPal are 100% legit. The guys over at the world’s most popular funding platform don’t do business with just about anyone. Take this as a rule of thumb: if a bookie works with PayPal, it means it’s a truly reputable powerhouse. It also means that the site is licensed with your residential country’s legislation. We are talking here about bet sites that accept PayPal. But the more precise term would be: sites accepted by PayPal.

Safety is paramount. Online betting PayPal acts as a barrier and mediator between your bank account and betting sites. Under no circumstances should you trust those sites with your credit card number, however legit they appear to be. With PayPal, however, the sites will never get access to your sensitive data. The only thing they can have is your email address. Quite a safe bargain on both parts, as well on the part of betting PayPal.

With some betting sites PayPal, you will get a deposit bonus and other promos just for using this payment method. Don’t expect this to happen very often, but feel free to rejoice when or if it does.

They won’t nibble on your deposit. The only fee comes on your withdrawal. You can also use it to send money to other accounts without any charges. Your addressee will always receive the exact amount you sent.

Your bank account won’t scream “Gambling!” As all of us know, betting sites don’t look very sexy on your monthly bank statement. With PayPal as your withdrawal method, the payer will only be seen on the “Transactions” page within your PayPal account.
Transactions work like a breeze. In most cases, withdrawal won’t take up over a couple of hours, with 48 hours tops (in rare cases). On the other hand, your deposits will go through immediately.

You can’t beat PayPal’s versatility. It covers the whole globe and can be used for almost any kind of transaction – be it a shopping session with major online stores such as eBay or sending some cash to your kid. PayPal also has a fully functional app so that you can access it from mobile too. If PayPal bookmakers of your choice have apps as well, that’s a clear-cut way for you to kill some time while waiting in line, for example.


Your wallet won’t like this, but there are withdrawal fees that PayPal will deduct from your balance. It may hurt you to forgo as much as 3.4% of your earnings every single time you decide to withdraw them, but it’s worth it. After all, it’s only logical that they should charge a few percents of your money for the excellent service they are providing.

U.S. bettors may have a hard time finding PayPal betting sites. Online betting is only regulated in Nevada, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, and PayPal pays serious attention to legislation and licenses when it comes to the player’s country. Therefore, there are not many sites in the U.S. that support this deposit method.

If you’re don’t reside in the U.S., you won’t be able to get PayPal’s MasterCard debit card. In practice, that means that you will have to lose some cash due to their automatic currency conversion from USD to your local currency as soon as you withdraw funds to your local bank account or card.

Short History of PayPal

The world’s most famous and widely used payment system was first introduced over two decades ago, in 1998. Four years later, it went public and merged with the e-commerce giant eBay and went independent again in 2015. Back in the early 2000s, they didn’t take very kindly to the gambling industry. Gamblers had to wait until 2010 for their policy to change. Today, PayPal has settled for keeping a close eye on their gambling partners’ legitimacy.